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About Us

The Mac Repair Man operates in a personal and unique manner to give you the best possible experience when getting your Mac laptop repaired. The goal is to create an organized and efficient solution to meet the end users needs while maintaining reliability and trouble free usage.

The Mac Repair Man also provides pick-up and drop-off services which gives you the option of on-site service. Imagine an Apple specialist coming to your door to make your life simpler and more interesting.


The Key to Mac Repair Man’s philosophy:

1)   We like to allow our customers to be comfortable by informing them on:

  • What is being done on the Mac computer or device
  • Why it is being done
  • What was the source of the problem
  • How to prevent the problem in the future
  • And how to further enjoy the Apple computer or device to the next level

2)   The Mac Repair Man puts it self in the clients shoes by:

  • Giving you the best price option
  • Telling you what you really need
  • Showing you how reliable the repair is
  • Advising whether you should fix your Apple Device or upgrade it
The Mac Man has been working on strictly Apple computers since 2004. He not only works and services Apple computers, but also works with apple users, you, in a way that makes you feel safe and informed. From intense hardware and component repair to software and data recovery, the Mac Man is extremely experienced and also knowledgeable.


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