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Save Hundreds of Dollars by Buying a Green Apple!

Save Hundreds of Dollars by Buying a Green Apple!

By on Feb 10, 2014 in Get quality tips only from Mac Repair Man | 0 comments


Refurbished Mac


Refurbished Green Macbook


Similar to its tablets and phones, computers from Apple are number one when it comes to reliability and customer satisfaction. Even though Apple Macs don’t sell in large volumes like other computers, this sense of being a high-end class makes Apple the most profitable computer company. Many are saving extra dollars so that they can buy a Macbook at the end of the year.

However, customers on a tight budget will choose to buy refurbished mac instead of buying a low-class notebook. Sure, buying anything that is refurbished needs a lot of consideration. You don’t want to spend a wad of dollars for dented, second-hand Mac. It is best to find affordable yet high-quality refurbished Mac mini or also known as Green Apple.

Buying a Refurbished MacBook Saves Money

Buying a Green Apple could translate to discounts – usually 20% off the original price. This translates to hundreds of dollars if you are considering buying costly Mac, like a 27-inch IMac or a highend Mac Pro. A 13.3-inch refurbished MacBook Pro or  Air can even provide you with $900 to $1000 in savings!

Refurbished Macs Are Good as New

Purchasing directly from Apple has its disadvantages. You will make certain that the refurbished unit that you are buying has a system in factory settings, which includes the paperwork, cables, packaging and pre-installed programs and software. A refurbished Mac mini also comes with the 1 year warranty and you can also buy AppleCare for extra protection that you can purchase using the money you have saved by buying refurbished units. Basically, there’s no major difference between a refurbished Mac and a brand new one.

During the refurbishment process, the hardware and software components will be examined by Apple experts and tested to identify the causes of failure, sanitized and then repaired for minor damages. The primary goal of Apple experts is to make them work and look like brand new. And since they are refurbished, they are sold at much cheaper price.

Refurbished Mac Saves the Environment

Buying refurbished Mac mini does not only save you money but also the environment. Instead of disposing them and getting clogged in the landfill, Apple experts chooses to send damaged units to IT experts, to have them inspected and tested for quality and then sell them at a fraction of the original cost. Choosing refurbished Mac saves the environment and reduces e-waste by re-using computers with minor damages. There’s no need to spend more than you need to.

Getting a refurbished Mac mini means that you are helping with the efforts in doing away with the need for raw materials for new units. This helps in the preservation of natural resources that are needed in manufacturing plastic, metal and chemicals used in Macbooks. The raw materials that are preserved in the manufacturing process could be a significant reason to consider purchasing a refurbished Mac. A refurbished Apple product gives you a chance to afford high-end technology and features without breaking your pockets.


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