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Top 8 Reasons Macs are More Reliable than PC’s

Top 8 Reasons Macs are More Reliable than PC’s

By on Aug 18, 2013 in Get quality tips only from Mac Repair Man | 1 comment

Let’s say you’ve already saved up for your next computer. Now, the only decision left to make is whether you’ll get a Windows PC or a Mac. Although the most widely used platform is Windows, Apple users can attest to the reliability of a Mac. The following presents eight rational reasons on how Macs can be more reliable than Windows PCs.

1) The Consistency

Mac uses a logical, minimal interface which involves only a few changes even after updates. This means that you wouldn’t have to keep relearning your way around it for you to get your stuff done. Updating a Windows PC (such as from Windows 7 to Windows 8) could involve facing a whole new interface and set of features that might require you to learn your way around it again.

2) Less Security Issues

Mac users who do not use security protection software would have lesser risks of getting their systems infected with viruses and spyware than Windows users who obsessively use antivirus and other maintenance programs.

3) The Predictability

Just like Windows PCs, Mac Pros are also subject to what is called the “kernel panic.” This just shows that despite its positive characteristics, Mac isn’t completely bulletproof. However, experts say that upon comparison of the two operating systems during kernel panic attacks, Mac comes out as less flaky than the average Windows PC.

4) Absence of Crud

Ever tried installing a Windows program that requires you to install add-ons and browser extensions as well? This could leave clutter lying around your desktop, Start menu, and even on your system tray. This seldom happens in Macs; and you wouldn’t have to deal with annoying pop-up balloon notifications, update notifications, and other forms of crud.

5) The Details Always Count

Although you can buy a Windows PC with the same technical specifications, there are some things offered by a Mac computer that are normally not found in a Windows system.

For example, a Mac Pro’s AC adapter comes with hooks, which lets you easily wrap the power cord up should you need to bring it with you on a trip. Another is the MagSafe connector that basically secures your system from damages resulting from accidentally yanking out the power cord. Lastly, the oversized touchpads found on MacBooks allow multitouch actions, making it easier to browse the web and navigate through documents. Generally, most people choose a Mac computer since it is less bulky compared to most Windows PC’s.

6) Apple is one of the best companies in the technology industry

The award-winning apps are probably some of the things you’ll love from Apple, and using them can be an enjoyable and innovative experience. Most of these apps have their own Windows-based counterparts, but using them in their own operating system produces even better results.

7) Excellent customer and technical support

Buying an Apple product not only provides you with a better system but also qualifies you for free technical support services wherein you will be assisted Apple’s expert technicians. Whether you need to get your OS reinstalled or your hardware replaced, Apple’s expert professionals can do the job for you.

8) Mac are also basically PC’s

When you use a Windows PC and decide to try out the Mac OS X, it is not possible to install it alongside your Windows OS on a PC. This is possible if you’re using a Mac Pro (or even a MacBook). Virtualization utilities such as BootCamp, Vmware Fusion, and Parallels make it possible for Mac users to install Windows on their computers, allowing them to run Windows-based applications.

If you think you have enough to spend for a good Mac computer, consider it a worthy investment since its hefty price tag is guaranteed to complement a better working system.

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