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Tips to Improve Battery Life.

Tips to Improve Battery Life.

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Modern MacBook Pro battery can charge fast until the battery reaches 80%, and then the charging will slow down to reach the full charge. This will give you fast charge for emergency use, while also allowing your Mac plugged in for overnight use without damaging the battery because of overcharging.

Basically, charging your Macbook battery will not cause any damage, but if you overcharge the mac for days or operate it with the power cord plugged in, your battery may lose its capacity to last long. In such case, you can use the computer on Macbook Air battery and wait until it runs low at least once every month and then you can charge it back up to 100% capacity.

If you want to go on a vacation for at least a couple of weeks and you don’t want to bring along your Macbook, then don’t charge it. If you need to leave your MacBook overnight, you need to turn it off or at least place it in sleep mode, unless you need it on for a certain reason, such as downloading files in large sizes. Placing your MacBook in sleep mode can lower down the risk of overheating the MacBook Pro battery at night. It is also best to place the computer on a flat, strong surface that will allow ventilation under the Macbook if you need to run the computer on AC power.

Unfortunately, a Macbook battery that is made of Lithium batteries naturally decay because the battery could form deposits in the reactants that affect the longevity and the capacity of the Macbook Air battery. Several things will boost this, and keeping the battery overcharged is among those things, so it is best to fluctuate your battery charge at least at 15 to 90%. Similarly, a Macbook Pro battery cannot handle deep discharge or extreme current draw or other batteries made of Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride. Hence, there is still the necessity to connect your Mac to an AC power if you need to do anything overnight that requires power such as downloading large-size files.

If you have noticed that your MacBook becomes abnormally hot after charging it for long periods of time, you need to unplug it and allow it to cool down. It is recommended to give Mac Repair Man a call to schedule an appointment to receive a free diagnostic check.


This is normally not an issue with a modern Macbook, but an older Macbook battery may degrade over time, and overcharging can lead to overheating. If you have a Macbook battery that is detachable, like most pre-2009 Macs, you can easily replace the battery for safer use.

Fluctuating the charge is crucial to ensure that your Macbook Pro battery will be cool during the charging, since heat could shorten battery life. However, an increase in the temperature of the Macbook Air battery may not be avoided, especially if you are charging a Macbook battery made of nickel. The battery temperature may rise when the battery approaches 100%, then slows down for fluctuating charge. This unique Mac feature enables the battery to cool down.


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